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Ignoring what may seem like a harmless crack or a slow drip on your balcony after lots of rain could be potentially dangerous (both for your safety and your wallet). That’s why it’s essential that you fix your balcony leak as soon as possible. Luckily you can use Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant to seal your balcony leak.

How to locate a leak

Make sure you conduct regular inspections of your balcony joins. Look for visible signs of wear and tear, such as:

  • rust, cracks or discolouration 
  • pools or water stains 
  • loose handrails and fastenings
  • warping or bowing beams
  • damaged balustrades and connection points

Record your findings each time to monitor how quickly the damage is progressing (e.g. cracks getting larger or discolouration spreading).

How to fix a leaky balcony

If the damage is widespread or severe it’s best to call in an expert. A builder or handyman can ensure the structure is sound before starting.  But if you’re dealing with small areas of wear and tear or small leaks then you can do the waterproofing yourself.

Clear and measure

Clear everything off your balcony and block off the area for safety. Then measure up your balcony (in square meters) to calculate how much product you will need. Best practice is to purchase 20% extra to allow for waste.

Rip up the flooring and any failed membranes

Remove any existing flooring with a crowbar or jack hammer. Use a grinder or circular saw if required. Failed membranes will need to be pulled or scraped off. Once removed, check your balcony structure for any damage and repair if required.

Cut sheets and install

Lay down a few sheets of your materials so that you can safely walk on the balcony. For concrete surfaces, a 2 part epoxy sealer should be applied first. Cut your materials to size and install them on your balcony. If using cement sheets with a waxy surface, scratch/grind the surface back and clean thoroughly to ensure the Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant bonds well.

Apply Waterproof Sealant and Reinforcing Fabric

Apply Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant by brush, roller or specialised airless spray equipment, ensuring you seal any cracks or joins and around vents, drains or pipes. Coat the area with approximately 1mm of  liquid rubber then embed the Reinforcing Fabric into the liquid rubber, ensuring there are no bubbles or creases. Then coat the fabric with another 1mm of liquid rubber. Allow to cure for 24 hours and apply a third and final coat over the entire balcony to create a seamless membrane. Allow to cure for 48 hours before installing your new flooring system on top. Be extra careful not to damage the membrane.

Looking for a Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant you can trust?

100% Australian owned, Liquid Rubber DIY is easy to use on nearly any surface. It is highly durable and flexible so our unique formulation instantly moulds to whatever shape it is applied to and cures to create the ultimate seamless waterproofing barrier. 

Need help waterproofing your balcony? Contact the team at Liquid Rubber DIY today! We are the leading experts in waterproofing with liquid rubber and are always happy to assist.

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Michael Davis calendar_today

Hi Guys,

I need to coat a previously sealed concrete roof on an apartment block, apx 80M2. Do you have any products suitable for this that doesn’t involve stripping the old stuff?

The old membrane is still in good condition, no peeling or flaking. There is a few area’s that pool water and have developed a leak. The Body Corp would like to re coat the entire area.



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