Liquid Rubber DIY
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Non Toxic β€’ Eco Friendly β€’ No VOC


15L bucket of Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant for waterproofing and restoring roofs, gutters, retaining walls, and more

Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant


15L Bucket of white Liquid Rubber DIY Thermal Coating used to coat surfaces to protect agains UV rays and heat.
Evening Haze
Classic Cream

Thermal Coating


15L Bucket of Sealer / Primer used to seal surfaces for optimal adhesion of Thermal Top Coat.

Sealer / Primer


15L Bucket of Etch Primer used for rusty metal surfaces for optimal adhesion of Thermal Coating.

Etch Primer - Metal Surfaces


Geo Textile Roll for sealing cracks, holes, vents, joints, seams and more

Geo Textile


A roll of Seam Tape used for sealing and waterproofing cracks, vents, joints, seams on roofs, box gutters and other projects.

Seam Tape


20L Bottle of Rapid Cure Spray for instantly setting wet Liquid Rubber DIY Waterproof Sealant

Rapid Cure Spray


Bundle of all waterproofing products needed for a caravan or RV roof with Thermal Coating and Primer.

Caravan Bundle


Tough Coat + Hardener


4Kg Bucket of Grit used to broadcast into a wet layer of waterproof sealant for a non-slip and high grip surface.



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Our commitment to quality is reflected in the 10-year warranty that comes with all of our products

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Our products are crafted with the environment in mind, being non-toxic, eco-friendly, and VOC-free

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