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How to waterproof a pond with Liquid Rubber

Is your pond losing water, or are you in the process of building a new pond?

You are at the right place.

Say Goodbye to Leaky Ponds Forever: A Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Your Pond with Liquid Rubber.

waterproofed fish pond before and after shows how it was coated with a brown liquid rubber membrane


Quick 4 Step Guide to Waterproof Ponds:

  • Step 1: Clean your pond thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Step 2: Apply Liquid Rubber with GEO Textile for extra reinforcement on penetrations, joints and cracks.
  • Step 3: Apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber, allowing 24 hours of curing time between each coat.
  • Step 4: Allow the final membrane to cure for at least 2 weeks before filling your pond. You're all set! Your pond is now waterproofed and ready to be filled with water.


Why is Liquid Rubber ideal for waterproofing your pond?

  • Liquid Rubber is ideal for sealing ponds as it can withstand water long-term thanks to its high elasticity.
  • Liquid Rubber is free from harmful chemicals and is certified for potable water (safe for human drinking water). Liquid Rubber is, therefore, safe to be used in fish ponds, animal drinking throats, water tanks etc. 

Detailed Step by Step instructions on sealing a pond

Step 1: Cleaning and Preparation

Start by thoroughly cleaning the pond. We recommend using a pressure washer to remove mould, dust, mildew, and other residues. In addition, it can be beneficial to slightly roughen the surface to ensure strong adhesion for Liquid Rubber, particularly when the surface is very smooth.

empty fish pond cleaned with pressure washer and prepared to be waterproofed  fish pond water blasted and cleaned for waterproofing preparation


Step 2: Detailing with GEO Textile and Liquid Rubber

Apply Liquid Rubber DIY - Waterproof Sealant and GEO Textile to any joints, corners, penetrations, cracks and other areas that need reinforcement. 

applying of geo textile to a fish pond for reinforcing purposes.   Geo textile embedded in liquid rubber for reinforcing the waterproof membrane

How to apply GEO Textile with Liquid Rubber Sealant
  1. Apply a layer of Waterproof Sealant to the areas that need reinforcement.
  2. Place the GEO Textile on top of the Sealant and press down firmly to ensure it is fully saturated and bonded to the surface.
  3. Apply a second coat of Waterproof Sealant on top of the GEO Textile and allow it to cure for 24 hours. 

Watch the Video to see how to apply the GEO Textile with Liquid Rubber


Step 3: Apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber DIY - Waterproof Sealant

When applying Liquid Rubber to waterproof a Pond it is important to apply at least 3 coats. The procedure is simple: Apply one layer, let it dry for about 24 hours and then apply the next layer. Repeat this process until you have applied all 3 coats. The Waterproof Sealant is applied at a rate of 2L \ m2. 

fish pond sealed with liquid rubber waterproof sealant  fish pond waterproofed wth liquid rubber diy waterproof sealant


Step 4: Let it cure for 2 weeks and fill the Pond

Depending on climate conditions we recommend letting the Liquid Rubber Membrane cure for at least 2 weeks before filling your Pond with water.

  • It is also very important to allow enough time for the final Liquid Rubber membrane to fully cure before filling with water.
  • Even though the membrane might look and feel dry it must go through the proper curing process to do its job efficiently.
fish pond filled with water and fish  fish pond completely waterproofed with liquid rubber and filled with water

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John Zerbarini calendar_today

I’m looking to waterproof a wooden log interior to use as an outdoor planter. Would your product be the most effective for longevity?

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